Meet Ribbon the Kārearea (NZ Falcon)

We’d like to raise awareness to a great cause, being the education and conservation work done by Wingspan Birds of Prey Trust.

Did you know …
When Māori first arrived in Aotearoa (New Zealand) some 800 years ago, the land they encountered was dominated by birdlife. The land, sea, rivers and mountains would have overflowed with the richest and most extravagant bird fauna imaginable, including some of the most spectacular birds of prey ever to have existed. Landing into this “bird-land” it is easy to imagine that birds would have infiltrated every moment of those new arrivals. One of the spectacular birds encountered is faster than a V8 car and rarer than our Kiwi, the Kārearea (NZ falcon).

The NZ falcon is only found in New Zealand. Having evolved in a largely forested landscape it has developed a body shape that optimises its ability to hunt in this environment. It is one of only four forest falcons out of a total of 38 species of falcons worldwide.

How we can help…
Treeline is proud to sponsor ‘Ribbon’ who is an advocacy bird at Wingspan. Each year Ribbon plays an integral part to help raise awareness around the conservation of the NZ falcon and its environment.

Visit the Wingspan website and reach out to find out how you too can help these majestic native birds.

Photograph by Clint Trahan

Photograph by Maurice Summerfield

Photograph by Liam Butler

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